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Mindfulness – A safer way forward for towing?

International Tug & OSV Incorporating Salvage News, May/June 2014, p123

....Can we use mindfulness to reduce towing accidents? Tom Anderson, organisational psychologist and Director of Blue Stream Consulting, a company with extensive experience in safety critical industries, argues that serious incidents can be prevented through organisational mindfulness... READ MORE


High Reliability Organisations (HROs): A path to reducing hydrocarbon releases?

Oil & Gas CONNECT, November 2012, p45-47

...Aging UK oil and gas platforms present us with unique challenges. Hazards associated with degrading equipment can compromise asset integrity, potentially leading to accidental hydrocarbon releases (HCRs)... READ MORE


The safety value chain: it’s not rocket science

NuclearCONNECT, July 2012, p56-57

...We are all aware that the supply chain contributes to the successful operation and management of the UK’s nuclear industry, from small companies that supply mechanical valves to large-scale engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors who provide turnkey solutions. But, how do we describe the safety value chain?... READ MORE


Why High Reliability Organisations for the UK’s nuclear industry?

NuclearCONNECT, April 2012, p39-40

...The nuclear industry is likely to face increasing challenges to safe operations in the near future with the upgrading of reprocessing infrastructure, the ongoing decommissioning programme, and the design and build of new nuclear plants... READ MORE


Accident prevention: mindfulness is vital

International Tug&OSV Incorporating Salvage News, Jan/Feb 2012, p76.

...Can we use High Reliability Organisation (HRO)-type thinking to reduce offshore accidents between platforms and OSVs? Tom Anderson, Director of Blue Stream Consulting, a company with extensive experience in safety critical industries, advocates that serious incidents can be prevented through good organisational design and management... READ MORE


High Reliability Organization (HRO) Mindfulness: Ensuring

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) International Experts’ Meeting on Human and Organizational Factors in Nuclear Safety in the Light of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, May 2013.

...The impact of adverse events in the nuclear industry is enormous. As well as facing potential loss and on-going disability to life, far-reaching environmental impact, and high financial costs, the industry receives worldwide critical attention from stakeholders, politicians, media, and the public. Most high impact accidents and incidents have their origins in organizational and human factors; the Japanese Government’s final report into the Fukushima Daiichi accident found this event to be a ‘man-made disaster’... For presentation details please contact Tom by using our Enquiry Form


How North Sea Oil & Gas blue-collar workers make sense of safety

The Organization Studies Workshop, Mykonos, Greece, May 2013

...Organisations in high-risk endeavours expend a lot of time and energy to ensure operational safety. In particular, there has been increased focus on UK North Sea oil and gas assets following the Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Horizon blowout in 2010. This type of catastrophic event leads to in-depth analyses of operational factors that contribute to accidents. However, little research has been conducted to investigate how workers engage with, and make sense of, safety at the sharp end... For presentation details please contact Tom by using our Enquiry Form


Developing High Reliability Organisations (HROs)

Constructing Excellence Nuclear Task Group, September 2012, Bristol, UK

For presentation details please contact Tom by using our Enquiry Form


Operational & Safety Excellence – mind over matter?

Nuclear Power Europe, June 2012, Cologne, Germany

...Maintaining ageing infrastructure is a challenge to the nuclear industry. Age-related system deterioration will present unique safety hazards to ongoing operations. In part, hazard reduction will be addressed by technical solutions, such as the replacement of existing capital equipment, and the installation of passive systems and structures. However, technological solutions alone will not ensure operational and safety excellence, and there is a stronger than ever need for understanding the human and organizational factors that impact on safety and operational performance... For presentation details please contact Tom by using our enquiry form