We are currently working with the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University and the Industrial Statistics Research Unit (ISRU) at Newcastle University.  Tom is also a Visiting Researcher at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS).

The HyRiM project, Lancaster University

The Hybrid Risk Metrics (HyRiM) project is a recent European funded initiative aimed at developing resilience in critical infrastructures. A variety of approaches are being utilised to measure Technological, Organisational, and Individual vulnerabilities to risk e.g. safety and cyber threat. The project will develop and evaluate risk metrics that will be used for assessing and categorising security risks in utility network infrastructures. It is anticipated that providing novel protection and prevention mechanisms will increase organisational resilience.

The High Reliability Organisation Mindfulness Project, Newcastle University

The HRO Mindfulness project, aimed at the petrochemical and other complex socio-technical systems, investigates statistically robust measures of High Reliability and Resilience performance. Using ‘whole system’ approaches, multiple measures e.g. audits, system and process metrics (such as lagging and leading indicators), as well as ethnographic analyses will be used to assess vulnerabilities. The project will enable organisations to understand system areas that are error prone, and recommendations to be made along the journey towards resilient safe working.

How do oil and gas workers engage and make sense of safety? Lancaster University

PhD research with Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), This investigated how oil and gas workers engage and make sense of safety issues in the local workplace and larger organisational setting.